Patron Conduct

Patrons of the library must be respectful to other patrons and library employees.

Patrons shall refrain from loud and boisterous behavior.

Eating and drinking are not permitted in the library building except in the Potter Room and at
library functions.

Smoking is not permitted on Library property.

Cellular phones should be used in a manner that does not disrupt others.

No pets, with the exception of working companion dogs, shall be allowed in the library building.
Some animals are allowed within the facility for special library programs, at the discretion of the

Patrons of the library shall wear shoes, shirts, and appropriate attire.

While visiting the library, young children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

Use of profanity by patrons is prohibited, as are threats of physical violence toward other
patrons or library employees.

Respect of and care for the facilities and equipment of the library shall be observed by the

Patrons shall handle library materials with care and respect for their intended use.

Possession of firearms, (except by officers of the law) alcohol, and illegal drugs are expressly
prohibited on library property.

Sleeping is prohibited in the library.

Inappropriate behavior by an individual while on library property could result in expulsion from
the library. The decision to remove an individual from library property shall be at the discretion
of the library director or staff member in charge. Reasons for such exclusion may include but
are not limited to the use of profanity, sexual solicitation or advances, aggressive behavior, use
of illegal substances or alcohol, use of tobacco in any form, vandalism, use of racial slurs or
epithets, or any other behavior that may be injurious to other patrons or staff.